Aging, stem cell differentiation, cancer metastasis, and inflammation rely on progressive changes in metabolism. It is not fully clear how and why metabolic changes take place, but the consequence is an increase in the levels of reactive oxygen species. Collectively, the accumulation of these molecules is known as cellular oxidation, and pathological levels are referred to as oxidative stress. Our lab develops systems biology tools for analyzing how cellular oxidation influences cellular decisions. We are interested in the collective behavior that arises during stem cell differentiation, immune cell responses, or drug treatments from metabolic diversity in individual cells. Because of the numerous biochemical reactions involved, we use computational modeling to investigate how protein networks are regulated in the presence of reactive oxygen species by changes in activity and/or function of redox-sensitive proteins. Experimentally, we are developing novel high-throughput single cell techniques for the detection and quantification of intracellular oxidation.

We are located in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering administered jointly between Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Medicine. The lab is located on the Georgia Tech campus in the Engineered Biosystems Building.


Undergraduate Yeshy Manoharan is named the inaugural Stephen E. Brossette Scholar for his interdisciplinary research in biology and computing. Congratulations, Yeshy!


Melissa will be presenting our EBICS work in a special session on cellular machines at AAAS in Boston.


Two of our undergraduate BME researchers, Melody Shao and Nicholas Peterman, received Presidential Undergraduate Research Awards for their projects this spring. Congratulations to both of them for this honor!

Dr. Chenyi Pan wins one of the poster awards at the Georgia Bio Innovation Summit!

Ariel Kniss-James defends her Ph.D. with the dissertation titled "Analysis of Calcium and Hydrogen Peroxide Frequency Responses in T cells at Single-Cell Resolution via Microfluidic Traps". Congratulations on an impressive body of work!

Kniss-James, A.S., Rivet, C.A., Chingozha, L., Lu, H., Kemp, M.L. “Single-cell resolution of intracellular T cell Ca2+ dynamics in response to frequency-based stimulation”. Integrative Biology, DOI: 10.1039/C6IB00186F, 2017.


Prasanphanich, A.F., White, D.E., Gran, M.E., Kemp, M.L. “Kinetic Modeling of ABCG2 Transporter Heterogeneity: A Quantitative, Single-Cell Analysis of the Side Population Assay”. PLoS Computational Biology, Nov 16;12(11):e1005188, 2016.


*Rivet, C.A., *Kniss, A., Gran, M.A., Potnis, A., Hill, A., Lu, H., Kemp, M.L. “Calcium dynamics of ex vivo long-term cultured CD8+ T cells are regulated by age related changes in redox metabolism”. PLoS One,11(8):e0159248, 2016.